LFI Gala Auction Subcommittee

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Committee Members

  • Caitlin Cloonan, co-chair moc.retropa|nanoolC.niltiaC#moc.retropa|nanoolC.niltiaC
  • Joel Friedman , co-chair vog.ytnuocxafriaf|namdeirF.leoJ#vog.ytnuocxafriaf|namdeirF.leoJ
  • Liz Nohra, LFI Development and Events Manager gro.xafriafpihsredael|zil#gro.xafriafpihsredael|zil
  • Bobbi Longworth gro.noitadnuoFyrarbiLxafriaF|htrowgnoL.atreboR#gro.noitadnuoFyrarbiLxafriaF|htrowgnoL.atreboR
  • Elizabeth Vitale gro.notser|elative#gro.notser|elative
  • Lynne Downer gro.sdiktseideen|ennyl_renwod#gro.sdiktseideen|ennyl_renwod
  • Tania Hossain moc.loa|niassoHainaT#moc.loa|niassoHainaT
  • Meagan Lindsay vog.ytnuocxafriaf|yasdniL.nagaeM#vog.ytnuocxafriaf|yasdniL.nagaeM
  • Brian Willey moc.itic|yelliw.nairb#moc.itic|yelliw.nairb
  • Margaret Meyer moc.ccro|reyemm#moc.ccro|reyemm
  • Christie Radomsky ten.xoc|yksmodarcl#ten.xoc|yksmodarcl
  • Suzanne Keating, past committee chair ten.xoc|gnitaek.ennazus#ten.xoc|gnitaek.ennazus
  • Charles Henderson vog.ytnuocxafriaf|rjnosredneh.selrahc#vog.ytnuocxafriaf|rjnosredneh.selrahc
  • Steven Cohen moc.liamtoh|81nehocas#moc.liamtoh|81nehocas


**Next Auction Committee Meeting: Teleconference Tuesday, July 28th at 9:30am. Dial-in number: 202-274-7777 then enter PIN: 7021#
If anyone experiences dial-in problems, please contact Kate's Assistant at: 703-720-7132

Gala Details
Previous donors
Auction Items for 2009!
LFI/ELI Alumni to be contacted
Gift Basket Ideas

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